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Teaching Schedule
Teaching Schedule of Course <Histology and Embryology>
Fall Semester of   2020 Academic Year from September 2020 to January 2021
Major: MBBS (6   years) ; Course Code: MED130206.01; Students: Grade 2019; Nos.: 41
WeekDateDayClassContentsProfessors/   MED130206.01Venue/   MED130206.01
12020/9/1561. Introduction of the Course



Building5   E. @Lab3
12020/9/157-82. Introduction of the Digital Lab陈红Building5   E. @Lab3
12020/9/1593. Visit the Human Body Museum



Building9   E. @Floor4
12020/9/163-41. Introduction of Histology; 2. Epithelial Tissue陈红online
22020/9/226-9Epithelial Tissue: Slides Observation and Drawing: 1,62,3,4,5,6,7陈红Building5   E. @Lab3
22020/9/233-4Connective Tissue Proper陈红online
32020/9/296-9Connective Tissue Proper: Slides Observation and Drawing: 8,4,9,10,11,44陈红Building5   E. @Lab3
32020/9/303-4Cartilage and Bone and Blood陈红online

1. Cartilage and Bone and Blood: Slides Observation and Drawing: 5,13,14,15,16,17

2. Reviews

陈红Building5   E. @Lab3
52020/10/143-4Nerve Tissue张丽红online
62020/10/206-9Nerve Tissue: Slides Observation and Drawing: 21,22,23,24,25,26,27,30,31张丽红东5号楼209室第三实验室
62020/10/213-4Muscle Tissue and Circulatory System张丽红online
72020/10/276-9Muscle Tissue and Circulatory System: Slides Observation: 18,19,20, 33, 34,   35,25,36张丽红Building5   E. @Lab3
72020/10/283-4Immune System张丽红online
82020/11/36Midterm Practical Exam of Tissues张丽红,陈红online

1. Immune System: Slides Observation and Drawing: 37,38,39,40

2. Reviews

张丽红Building5   E. @Lab3
82020/11/43-4Endocrine System刘琼online
92020/11/106-9Endocrine System: Slides Observation and Drawing: 3,41,42,43.刘琼Building5   E. @Lab3
92020/11/113-4Eye and Ear and Skin刘琼online
102020/11/176-9Eye and Ear and Skin: Slides Observation and Drawing: 46,47,48,12,44,45刘琼Building5   E. @Lab3
102020/11/183-4Digestive Tract刘琼online

1. Digestive Tract: Slides Observation and Drawing: 49,50,6,51,52,53,4,54,55,2,56

2. Reviews

刘琼Building5   E. @Lab3
112020/11/253-4Digestive Glands陈红online
122020/12/16-9Digestive Glands: Slides Observation and Drawing: 57,58,59;陈红Building5   E. @Lab3
122020/12/23-4Respiratory System陈红online
132020/12/86-9Respiratory System: Slides Observation and Drawing: 60,5,61陈红Building5   E. @Lab3
132020/12/93-4Urinary System陈红online

1. Urinary System: Slides Observation and Drawing: 62,63,7;

2. Reviews

陈红Building5   E. @Lab3
142020/12/163-4Male & Female Reproductive System刘琼online
152020/12/226-9Male & Female Reproductive System: Slides Observation: 64,65,66,67,68,69,70,71,72,73刘琼Building5   E. @Lab3
152020/12/233-4General Embryology刘琼online
162020/12/296-7System-based Embryology: Digestive and Respiratory System; Urogenital System张丽红online
162020/12/298-9Final Practical Exam of Systems张丽红,陈红online
162020/12/303-4System-based Embryology: Cardiovascular system张丽红online
172021/1/813:00-15:00Final   paper exam