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Hon. Prof. YC WONG (HKU)


April 6, 2010


To Whom It May Concern

Dr. Chen Hong, PhD


Dear sir/madam,


I write to support strongly the application of Dr. Chen for a teaching award for serving as a course leader in the Shanghai Medical College at Fudan University’s new MBBS program, an English-stream medical program.      


Having just retired from the University of Hong Kong’s Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine last year, after some 38 years with this University, I joined the Shanghai Medical College last year at the invitation of Professor Zhou Guo-Min, Head of the Department of Anatomy to help out in teaching the Histology and Embryology course organized by Dr. Chen Hong for a class of overseas students. I was subsequently appointed as an Advisory Professor at Fudan University.


I was in Shanghai for 5 weeks in October-November last year working closely with Dr. Chen when I got to know her better, though I had known her some ten years back when she was a PhD student in my Department. She impressed me then as a very conscientious student with a strong motivation in research. She impresses me now as a very effective and confident course organizer and an excellent teacher. The course follows a traditional mode with lectures followed by practical sessions, somewhat similar to the University of Hong Kong’s microanatomy course before it switched to a more PBL-based curriculum. The course organized by Dr. Chen in Fudan is also comparable to similar course that I am familiar with overseas, including Singapore, a number of universities in United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. Although this is the first time such a program is being offered by Fudan, starting with only a small class (of 13), I am confident it will grow in size and popularity with time. And I believe the course will excel in time under Dr Chen’s leadership.     


Should you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Yours sincerely,


YC Wong, PhD

Hon. Professor

Department of Anatomy and Cancer Research Centre

Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine

The University of Hong Kong

Hong Kong


Advisory Professor

Fudan University