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Course Descriptions


Histology and Embryology


Course DirectorProf. Hong CHEN, M.D.,Ph.D.



Hours/week:Lecture 2, Practical 4

Course Descriptions

Histology & Embryology is composed of both histology and embryology that are independent subjects but closely related to each other. Histology focuses on the study of micro- and ultra-structure of human body observed under light and electron microscope, and also on their relevant physiological functions. Embryology concentrates in the study of embryonic developmental process and relevant mechanisms by which birth defects occur. Therefore, the objectives of this curriculum is firstly to understand both micro- and ultra-structure of various kinds of cells and tissues in human body and their relevant physiological functions, and secondly to understand the early developmental process in human embryos and formation of main organs, as well as their developmental regulations. Thus this curriculum provides a solid basis for the pursuit of other basic medical curriculums (e.g., physiology and pathology) and clinical medical curriculums (e.g., internal medicine, surgery, obstetrics & gynaecology, and pediatrics).

Course Formats

It is small teaching course, with the combination of theoretical and practical contents. The practical course includes the observation of tissue sections under light microscope and following drawing of what you observed, and also supplements with the active response to raised questions, teamwork for the topic discussion and real-time quiz. The score grade of this curriculum is accordingly identified with both formative records of each practical course and the score of theoretical paper examination.








周学时理论 2, 实验 4