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Dr. Liyun LIU


Liyun LIU (刘丽芸)


B.Med.,M.Med. (Nankai Univ.), Ph.D.( Shanghai Med. Univ.), Neuro Biol


Department of Anatomy, Histology & Embryology

138 Yixueyuan Road

Shanghai, 200032



Phone: + 86 (21) 54237019, Ext. 9208

Fax: + 86 (21) 54237027

Office: Room 208, 9 Building (east)


E-mail: liuliyunlly@aliyun.com





Education / Training



·           B.Med., M.Med., Nankai University, China (1992-1999)

·           Ph.D. Shanghai Med. Collage of Fudan University, China (2004-2008)





·           Histology & Embryology

·           Histology & Embryology (English)






Research Interests



·           Development of retina

·           Myopia

·           Wallerian degeneration



Research Description



To investigate the effects of visible light on the retinal development, we established an early-light-exposure model in neonatal mice. The population in the retinal ganglion cells (RGCs), cellular apoptosis and lumican expression were analyzed in the retinae. Early light exposure inflicts a profound effect on the immature retina. Our studies may have implications for premature infant care.

Paper Highlight

1.    Liyun Liu, Jing Wu, Xiaodong Zhou, Zulin Chen and Guomin Zhou (2012). The impact of visible light on the immature retina: a model of early light exposure in neonatal mice. Brain Research Bulletin 87, 534-539.

2.    Liu LY, Zheng H, Xiao HL, She ZJ, Zhao SM, Chen ZL and Zhou GM (2008). Comparison of blood-nerve barrier disruption and matrix metalloprotease-9 expression in injured central and peripheral nerves in mice. Neurosci Letters 434, 155–159.

3.    H Zong, Z Li, L Liu, Y Hong, X Yun, J Jiang, Y Chi, H Wang, X Shen, Y Hu, Z Niu, and J Gu 2005. Cyclin-dependent kinase 11(p58) interacts with HBO1 and enhances its histone acetyltransferase activity. FEBS Letters 579, 3579–3588.