Key points, difficulties and solutions of the course
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First, the focus of curriculum
This course as a medical department, the Department of public health and other professional medical students in compulsory courses and systematic exposition of the basic knowledge and basic principles for clinical diagnosis and treatment of tumor and also appropriate to introduce major progress in cancer research and cancer treatment.
Secondly, the difficulties and Solutions
(I) the basic concepts of oncology more abstract, of the early contact with oncology medical students are difficult to understand, the generality and universality of disease and is relatively vague, the student is accepted more difficult. Aiming at these problems, the classes are in multimedia teaching, replenish at home and abroad the latest clinical examples, pictures, the clinical encounter the most new cases, the teaching activities of explain the profound things in a simple way. Try to do the teacher-student interaction in the classroom, to avoid cramming. According to the feedback of the students in a timely manner to adjust the speed, content and the way of expression.
(II) tumor diagnosis. Diagnosis of tumor stressed that each tumor type is different from other types of independent disease (disease entity, the diagnosis must be based on clinical manifestations, pathological features, immunophenotypic and genetic features comprehensive make. In view of the above questions, the materials used in the course by our hospital many experts brainstorming edited and, in the process of teaching adhere to the combination of theory and clinical practice, lectures, pay attention to stimulate students' thinking ability and the spirit of exploration.
(III) treatment of tumor emphasize multidisciplinary comprehensive treatment (handle this synthetic therapy, to plan and reasonable application of existing treatment, greatly improve treatment of the cure rate and improve the patient's life. It is the difficulty of the course teaching. In the process of teaching aims to cultivate students' analysis, problem solving, refer to the ability of data applications, teachers through the classic case of analysis and discussion, the professor students of medical knowledge and clinical skills at the same time training thinking ability of the students with the concepts of global and multidisciplinary comprehensive treatment of tumor.

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