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Teaching research
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1 teaching and research activities
Class review: listening and learning is one of the most direct, most specific and most often the most effective way to improve the quality of classroom teaching methods and means. Listening class evaluation is teachers to learn from each other, learn teaching art, teaching and research of the important measures, the Department of the business of education is especially one of the school leaders to understand the teachers' teaching method. It is particularly important to promote the study of school-based teaching and research, to develop listening, and to study and improve the existing problems in the teaching. Each class will arrange senior professors to check the quality of lectures, in order to improve the quality of teaching.
Trial teaching: to strengthen the teachers team construction, improve service levels and quality of classroom teaching to teachers, my annual hospital will for the first time teaching teachers organized a public trial. Teaching trial will be conducted in a fair, just and orderly, the new teacher lecture a fully prepared, accurate content, clarity, language fluency, reflecting lecture teacher's professional knowledge rich, lecturing skills is diverse, the language expression accurate teachers should have the ability. But the trial will also exposed some problems such as new teachers, new teachers individual slides of the color contrast is not clear.
Trial is one of the building of the contingent of teachers and the training work of an important link, through the lecture, you can understand teachers understanding of the teaching contents and master degree, teaching ability and level of understanding, is conducive to the school of teacher training, study and use. Therefore the trial is of great significance, any new classes, new class teacher should attach great importance to this work. The teacher lecture and teaching in new ideas, means and methods are further enriched, can also see the teaching level of the teachers of our school have been improved.
2 teaching reform measures
1) curriculum group for the development of young teachers training programs and training objectives, and designated with senior professional title of teachers responsible for training;
2) curriculum group take lectures, seminars and other activities, and the requirements for young teachers in the staff room of course the main sections of the trial must be served as speaker task before, and encourage the organization of young teachers in teaching competition, improve young teachers' teaching level;
3) to create conditions for young teachers to participate in the domestic training classes and to participate in the study of a number of academic seminars;
4) to encourage young teachers to pursue a master's degree.
5) to encourage young teachers to declare the topic, writing papers.
3 teaching achievements
1) under the support and encouragement of the old teachers, young teachers teaching level and gradually improve, has been able to independently to the podium, evaluation of students is increasing year by year, has independent practice, teaching sections, each class ability.
2) actively participate in various academic seminars, to understand the latest developments in the subject.
3) young teachers take an active part in the research work. 2013 Chinese Medical Association medical education research topic 3.
4) teaching paper.

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