The main historical evolution of curriculum development
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Oncology in the 80's began to work in teaching, is the early development of oncology teaching units. The unification and standardization of teaching management, and carried out a number of teaching research and reform. Making full use of the advantages of the existing teaching, clinical and scientific research, to establish the construction of the domestic first-class set of clinical, teaching, scientific research as one of the key subjects of the school. From 2012-2013 second semester opened "of Clinical Oncology Basics" all English courses, carefully prepared the "of Clinical Oncology Basics" notes, and in February 2014 on the notes were revised.
In teaching to promote teacher in class, recommended by the Department of outstanding teachers, according to the students' previous evaluation of teaching results, the steering group old professor lectures determined teachers. Teachers should love teaching and research has rich teaching experience and the professional is more in-depth. Through the feedback of teaching, further optimization of the teaching staff, to improve the quality of teachers and teaching quality and teaching quality.

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