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This course provides learning about in the basic principles of medical microbiology and infectious disease. The biology of bacteria, virus as well as other pathogens like fungi, their pathogenesis and the related infectious diseases are covered. Relevant clinical examples are provided. The course provides the conceptual basis for understanding pathogenic microorganisms and the mechanisms by which they cause disease in the human body. It also provides opportunities to develop informatics and diagnostic skills of microbiology, including the practical applications and interpretation of laboratory tests in the diagnosis of infectious diseases.
Course Objectives:
1.   Measure principles of microbial taxonomy, structure, physiology, genetics,immunology and pathogenesis;
2.   Develop a knowledge of microbial organisms and the infectious diseases they caused;
3.   Understand the principles of prevention and treatment pathogenic microorganisms infection in humans.
1. Demonstrate to use the laboratory to diagnose infections, including appropriate specimen collection and test ordering;
2. Develop the ability to manipulate the laboratory tests to identify pathogenic microorganisms;
3. Understand the principles of laboratory diagnostic test for pathogenic microorganisms.