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For Laboratory Practice
The medical microbiology program for undergraduate is housed in the East Building 1 at Fenglin Campus, Fudan University. Our teaching laboratory is equipped with modern microscopes, a laser projector and a TV set for multimedia teaching.  Since the laboratory is used to teach pathogenic bacteriology, medical mycology and virology, a biosafety hood is equipped to safely study pathogenic microbes and work with tissue cultures. The lab is also equipped with other modern equipment to conduct genetic, molecular, biochemical techniques and the equipments used in medical diagnostics.

Our program is also supported by a microbiology prep room staffed by permanent employees. Work in the microbiology prep room not only allows preparation of cultures and supplies for our extensive laboratory curriculum, but also provides an outstanding work experience for our students. We also have support rooms for media sterilization, visualization and photography of DNA separated by electrophoresis. A cold room set up for biochemical analysis is also available.

                                      Medical Microbiology Teaching Laboratory                                       


Experiment Prep Room


For Theoretic Course
Multiple media are used for this course. The richful web resource for learning are supplied and updated frequently.