Tips, examples & peer review rubrics

    You will find a general instruction on how to give an emprical micro talk below:

        Jess M. Shapiro, "How to give an applied micro talk," Chicago Booth and NBER.


    Here you will find two examples of student presentation (article & slides) from last semester

        Group 1:

            Article: Luigi Siciliani, Anderson Stanciole, and Rowena Jacobs, Do waiting times reduces hospital costs?, Journal of Health Economics, 2009, 28: 771-780.


              Slides: EconometricsDraftSlides1114V2-1.pptx

        Group 2:

            Article: Article: Daifeng He, and Peter Mchenry, Does formal employment reduce informal caregiving?, Health Economics, 2016, 25: 829-843.


              Slides: employment+_+caregiving.pptx

Class of Spring 2017:

Presenters: Ing & Kale

        Article: Shinsuke Tanaka, Environmental regulations on air pollution in China and their impacts on infant mortality,Journal of Health Economics, 2015, 42: 90-103.


Presenters: May, Pun & Kinji

        Article: Meiping Sun, The potential causal effect of Hukou on health among rural-to-urban migrants in China, Revised and Resubmitted to China Economics Review.


Presenters: Viivi & Jean

       Article: Marten Palme, and Emilia Simeonova, Does women's education affect breast cancer risk and survival? Evidence from a population based social experiment in education, Journal of Health Economics, 2015, 42: 115-124.

        pre_Jean & Viivi.pdf

Presenters: Tiffany, Mega, & Eva

        Article: Dean Jamison, Shane Murphy, and Martin Sandbu. Why has under-5 mortality decreased at such different rates in different countries?Journal of Health Economics, 2016, 48: 16-25.





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