1. Problem set #1

PS1.docx (due date: 03/20)

Instruction: you can hand in a hard copy of your answer before the class next week, or edit on the assignment directly and email me your answers. Both ways are fine with me. Just that if you work on the word file directly, please use a different coulor, so that it is easier for me to locate your answers. Have fun with the problem set !!!

2. Problem set #2

PS2.docx (due date: 03/29)

InstructionI do think it is an interesting example. I hope you feel the same way. There are four parts. The last part is a bonus question. You won't loose any credit if you leave it blank. So just try your best see if you can tackle it down!!!  As last time, you can edit directly in the attached file, and email your answers to me or submit it directly in the system. If you prefer work on a hard copy, you can take a picture of your work and submit in the system (so that I know you finish the PS on time). And I will collect your hard-copy answers during the class in the following week (4/10). Have fun with the problem set!

3. Problem set #3

PS3.docx (due date: 04/12)

InstructionHere you can find two problems regarding interpretation results from models with alternative functional form and dummy variables. Both questions are empirical health economics topics. Hope you find it interesting!

4. Problem set #4

PS4.docx (due date: 04/20)

Instruciton: There is one question in PS4 regarding omitted variable bias. You can either upload your answer to the system or email me directly, or send a picture of your work first and then hand in your hard copy later during the class. The assignment will be due next Thursday (04/20). Hope you can also set aside some time to read your chosen article. We will do the discussion after next week. Enjoy!

5. Problem set #5

PS5.docx (due date: 05/03)

Instruction: There is one problem set questions regarding difference-in-difference approach. You can use your preferred way to do the clarification. It will help you get a firm understanding in this modern and widely used approach. Have fun!

6. Problem set #6

PS6.docx (due date: 05/19)

Instruction: Problem set 6 due on 05/19, Friday.  Hard copies or submitting your answers through the system or by email are all fine. Have fun!

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