翻译点津 时事热词英译(十一)




纳米 nanometer  

拿腔拿调 speak affectedly

拿手好戏 masterpiece

拿手项目 specialty

纳税人 tax payer; tax bearer

纳税申报制度 tax declaration system  

纳斯达克 National Association of Securities Deal Automated Quotations (NASDAQ)  

耐用品 durable goods (US orders for durable goods edged up 0.2 percent in November, weaker than expected, according to government data released Thursday.根据周四发布的政府数据,美国11月份收到的耐用品的订单仅上升了0.2%,低于预期水平。)

耐用消费品 durable consumer goods, consumer durables

南北对话 North-South dialogue

难得糊涂 "Where ignorance is bliss, it's folly to be wise."

难民营 refugee camp

南南合作 South-South cooperation

男女同工同酬 equal pay for equal work irrespective of sex

男权主义思想 male chauvinism  

[ Chauvinism is a strong, unreasonable belief that your own country, sex, race, or religion, is better and more important than any other. ]

南水北调 divert water from the south to the north  

南水北调工程 South-to-North water diversion project  

男性车厢 Men-only metro train cars(Seibu Holdings, which runs trains in the Tokyo area, is considering to introduce some carriages reserved for men only.东京轨交运营商西武集团日前考虑在列车中开设"男性专用车厢")

南巡讲话 South Tour Speeches  

囊括 complete a sweep  

闹情绪 be disgruntled; be in a fit of pique  

内宾 domestic guest

内当家 wife

内定 decide internally

内阁成员 cabinet lineup (US President-elect Barack Obama named 4 members for his administration Friday, completing his cabinet lineup ahead of the Christmas holiday.美国当选总统奥巴马19日宣布4项官员提名,在圣诞节到来之前确定了全部内阁成员人选。)

内耗 in-fighting  

内环路 inner ring road  

内联企业 inland associated enterprises  

内联网(计算机) Intranet

内水 inland waters

内退 early retirement

内向型经济 domestically-oriented economy

内销公寓 apartments leased only to natives

内置的 built-in (Japanese toy company Tomy released a digital camera with a built-in printer.日本玩具制造商Tomy公司推出了一款配备内置打印机的数码相机。)

内地上市公司 mainland-listed company

内衣外穿 underwear as outerwear (As a fashion statement, underwear as outerwear is hardly breaking news; it possesses, as Valerie Steele and Hollander have observed, a long history.)

内政部长 interior minister (A small plane crashed in Mexico City Tuesday, killing the nation's interior minister and at least 7 others, and setting dozens of cars ablaze.一架小型客机4日晚上在墨西哥首都墨西哥城坠毁,墨西哥内政部长及另外7人遇难,并导致数十辆轿车着火。)

能官能民 be ready to both serve as an official and be one of the common people  

能见度 visibility

能进能出,能上能下 competent to work both at the top and at the grass roots  

能进能出,能上能下,方谓好汉 He who knows how to fight and how to retreat deserves to be called a brave man.  

能量预算 energy budget

能上网的手机 Wireless Application Protocol(WAP) phone  

能源农业 energy agriculture

逆反心理 negative mentality

尼姆达(病毒) Nimda  

泥菩萨 like a clay Buddha fording the river-hardly able to save oneself; each one is looking out for his own survival  

泥石流 mud-rock flow

你真奥巴马(Obama) You are cool (The 160-page English slang lexicon records such terms or phrases as 'You so obama,' which means 'You are cool,' 'presh' for cute or precious and 'schwa' for wow.这本英语俚语词典共160页,囊括了"你真奥巴马",意思是"你真酷"。其它被收入的词汇如"presh",意思是可爱的、宝贵的,等词语

年度国家预算 annual State Budget

年利润 annual return

年龄结构 age structure

年末促销 year-end promotion (Gold jewelry sales jumped more than 30 percent over the weekend in Beijing, as bargain shoppers swarmed the city's major jewelry stores onyear-end promotions.随着钟爱打折货的购物者在年末促销中涌入北京市的几大珠宝商店,黄金珠宝的销量在上周末增长幅度超过30%)

年同比 year-on-year; on an annual basis  

年夜饭 family reunion dinner  

(信用卡的)年费 annual fee

年画 New Year painting  

涅磐() nirvana

凝聚力 cohesive force

扭亏为盈 turn losses into gains

扭转局面 "reverse the tide, turn the table"  

农产品出口补贴 agricultural export subsidies

农产品的统购派购 unified purchasing of farm produce by the state according to fixed quotes

弄潮儿 wave rider; current leader

农村非农产业 non-agricultural industries in rural areas

农村剩余劳动力 surplus rural labour (labourers)  

农村税费改革试点 the experimental reform of rural taxes and administrative charges

农村信用社 rural credit cooperatives

农工党 Chinese Peasants' and Workers' Democratic Party

农工商联合企业 agro-industrial-commercial combines  

农机 agricultural machinery

农垦 agricultural reclamation

农林间作 agro-forestry

农民人均纯收入 rural per capita net income

农奴制 serfdom; serf system

弄巧成拙 be too smart by half; cunning outwits itself.

农药残留物 pesticide residue;agricultural chemicals residue

农业产业化经营 the industrialization of agriculture; industrialized agricultural operation  

农业生态学 agricultural ecology

农业生物工程 agro-biological engineering

农业税费改革 reform of rural taxes and administrative charges

农业特产税 taxes on special agricultural products

农业增加值 added value of agriculture

农转非 rural residents become urban residents

农村电网改造工程 projects to upgrade rural power grids

农村电网改造项目 projects to upgrade rural power grids

农村合作医疗 rural cooperative medical service

农村劳动力转移培训 job training for farm laborers looking for urban employment

农村六小工程 six categories of small projects for rural areas (water-efficient irrigation, potable water supplies, roads, methane production facilities, hydroelectric plants and pasture enclosure)

农村养老金制度 rural pension system

农村综合试点改革 trials of comprehensive rural reform

农机具补贴 subsidies for agricultural machinery and tools

农技站 agro-technical station

农业面源污染 widespread pollution from the overuse of fertilizers and pesticides in rural area

农业税 agricultural tax

浓妆 heavy makeup (The article gives you tips on cosmetics and beauty products for winters and heavy makeup that you can use in winter season. )

暖温带 warm temperate zone

诺亚方舟 Noah’s Ark  

挪占 misappropriate; embezzlement

女权运动 movement for women's rights

女性车厢 woman car (The Beijing Subway Company said they are considering the feasibility of creating woman’s section on the cars running Line 1 and Line 2.北京市地铁公司表示可考虑在12号线的少数车厢试点女性专用


欧盟 European Union

欧盟一体化进程 the integration process of Europe

欧佩克 Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries(OPEC)

偶像 idol  

欧亚大陆桥 Eurasia Land Bridge

欧元 Euro

欧洲共同体 European Communities (EC)

欧洲货币 Euro-currency

欧洲货币一体化 European monetary integration

欧洲委员会 European Commission  

欧洲自由贸易联盟 EFTA (European Free Trade Association)