Anatomy is one of the earliest medical course, which is usually divided into systematic anatomy and regional anatomy. Generally speaking, the whole body is divided into different regions (head, nech, thorax, abdomen, peritoneum, upper limb and lower limb). Students will dissect the cadaver by themselves, layer by layer and observe the position ,adjacent relations of different organs and structures. Usually 8 students share one cadaver. The acquisition of anatomical knowledge and skills of anatomical, not only need to study hard, but also need more practical observation in cadaver. In fact, every cadaver is not only the first patient of medical students, but also a silent mentor. During the cadaver dissection, in learning to apply anatomical appliance and clean up each blood vessel and nerve, medical students will get great opportunity of understanding and familiar with t human structures. Autopsy is a shortcut for comprehensive observation and understanding of the human structure. Familiar withthestructure of the human body is the basis for the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Reading the textbook is one hand, but it is another more important hand to get human structure by dissection the cadaver and observation of specimen.As long as every medical students learn knowledge of regional anatomy well, and lay better basis for the coming clinical work and to be a qualified doctor.





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