Examination paper of regional anatomy-A
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The Examination Paper of the Second Term in 2009~2010

Paper A

Course : Regional anatomy

Code: Med 130205

Dept: Anatomy & Histo-Embryology Exam typeclosed book

Speciality: Foreign students of MBBSTime: 18:30-20:30,May-25-2010






Q & A




The first part:Single choice-please choose one best answer from the below five choices marked A ,B, C, D and E. Write the answer into the corresponding blankMark: 20,1 each

1.Concerning the arteries in the neck, thewrong description is ( )

A The beginning part of the external carotid artery distends to form carotid sinus

B Internal carotid artery enters cranial cavity to supply the brain and visual organs

C Usually superior thyroid artery is the first branch of external carotid artery

D Lingual artery lie superior to beginning point of superior thyroid artery

E Common carotid artery is subdivided into internal and external carotid arteries

2.Which one is false concerning the carotid sheath ( )

A Include the vagus nerve

B Include the cervical sympathetic trunk

C Include the internal jugular vein

D Include the common carotid artery

E Vagus nerve lie at the posterior of both common carotid artery and internal jugular vein

3.Concerning the the lungs the correct description is ( )

A Three lobes in the left lung

B The surface is covered by parietal pleura

C The oblique fissure could be found in both lungs

D Cardiac notch locates in the right lung

E The pulmonary vein connect with left ventricle

4.Concerning the heart the right description is ( )

A Two thirds of the heart lie in the right side of anterior median line

B Inferior vena cava drain to left atrium

C Pulmonary valve looks like semilunar

D Right ventricle give rise to pulmonary trunk

E Pulmonary vein drain into right atrium

5.Which one is falseabout the vagus nerve ( )

A Is the longest cranial nerve

B Located in the carotid sheath in the neck

C Left vagus nerve lie in anterior part of the esophagus

D Right recurrent laryngeal nerve hook the subclavian artery

E Superior laryngeal nerve is not the branch of the vagus nerve

6.About the blood supply of the stomachthe rightdescription: ( )

A Short gastric artery supply the body of the stomach

B Right gastric artery originated from celiac trunk

C Left and right gastroepiploic artery supply the lesser curvature of the stomach

D Left gastric artery originated from proper hepatic artery

E Right gastroepiploic artery originated from gastroduodenal artery

7.Concerning the hepatoduodenal ligament the wrong description ( )

A Include common bile duct

B Include proper hepatic artery

C Include portal vein

D Portal vein lies anterior part of common bile duct and proper hepatic artery

E Attachment to between liver and upper part of duodenum

8.Concerning the colon the rightdescription is ( )

A Include four parts- ascending,transverse,descending and sigmoid colon

B Right colic flexure connect transverse and descending colon

C Transverse colon is the longest one among the colons

D The branches of superior mesenteric artery supply sigmoid colon

E Descending colon is continuous with cecum

9.The organs in the retroperitoneal space do not include ( )

A Kidney

B Suprarenal gland

C Abdominal part of the aorta

D Jejunum and ilium

E Inferior vena cava

10.Concerning the brachial plexus which one is false ( )

A Median nerve don’t pass through carpal canal

B Median nerve originate from medial and lateral cord

C Musculotaneous nerve supply related muscle and skin

D A fracture of the middle of the humerus may damage the radial nerve

E Include 5 roots,3 trunks,6 divisions,3 cords and their branches

11.About the innervation of the larynx the right description is ( )

A External branch of superior laryngeal nerve innervate the cricothyroid

B Right recurrent laryngeal nerve crosses aortic arch.

C Recurrent laryngeal nerve originate from glassophryngeal nerve

D Left recurrent laryngeal nerve crosses subclavian artery

E Recurrent laryngeal nerve follow the superior thyroid artery

12.Concerning anterior branches of thoracic nerve the wrong description is ( )

A The anterior branches of thoracic nerve have segmental distribution

B T8 supplies the skin on the plane of the umbilicus

C T4 supplies the skin on the plane of the nipple

D T2 supplies the skin on the plane of the sternal angle

E T12 supplies the skin on the plane of the middle point of the line joining the umblicus and symphysis pubis

13.the structure come out from infrapiriform foramen does not include( )

A Pudendal nerve

B Inferior gluteal nerve

C Lateral femoral cutaneous nerve

D Sciatic nerve

E Posterior femoral cutaneous nerve

14.About the neurovascular bundle of intercostal space, the correct description is( )

A From superior to inferior arrange artery, vein and nerve in the neurovascular bundle.

B It runs between the external and internal intercostal muscles.

C In posterior chest wall it runs on top of the rib below.

D It runs between the internal intercostal muscles and innermost intercostal muscles.

E In anterior chest wall it runs in the costal groove.

15.About the description of the nerve in the posterior abdominal wall the right description ( )

A The genitofemoral nerve come out from the posas major

B The femoral nerve lie in the lateral border of the psoas major

C The abturator nerve lie in the medial border of the psoas major

D Lateral femoral cutaneous nerve come out from lateral border of the psoas major

E Above are right

16.Which is the most superficial structure in the popliteal fossa? ( )

A Popliteal artery

B Popliteal vein

C Deep popliteal lymph nodes

D Saphenous nerve

E Tibial nerve

17.Concerning the vein of the lower limb the rightdescription ( )

A Deep veins followe the artery

B Lesser saphenous vein follow the saphenous nerve

C Greater saphenous vein drainage into the popilteal vein

D Superficial epigastric vein is a tributary of the greater saphenous vein

E Femoral vein lie lateral side of femoral nerve near inguinal ligament

18.Which structures originate from lateral cord of brachial plexus ( )

A Radial nerve.

B Ulnar nerve.

C Musculocutaneous nerve

D Axillary nerve.

E Medial cutaneous nerve. of arm

19.about peritoneal cavity, the wrong description is ( )

A Omental bursa lies posterior to the stomach, lesser omentum and gastrocolic ligament.

B The peritoneal cavity is divided into two peritoneal sacs.

C The liver is interperitoneal organ

D The peritoneal cavity is closed in females

E The omental bursa is in communication with the main peritoneal cavity through the omental foramen

20.the cutaneous branches of cervical plexus don’t include  ( )

A phrenic nerve

B greater auricular nerve

C supraclavicular nerves

D lesser occipital nerve

E transverse cervical nerve

The second part- Multiple choice (chose 2-5 answers from five choice marked A B C D E) if mismatch, noscore (mark,5,1 each)

21.The branches of the aortic arch are ( )

A.Brachiocephalic trunk

B.Left common carotid artery

C.Right common carotid artery

D.Left subclavian artery

E.Right subclavian artery

22.The parietal pleura includes ( )

A.Costal pleura

B.Diaphragmatic pleura

C.Mediastinal pleura

D.Cupula of pleura

E.Pulmonary pleura

23.Inguinal canal ( )

A.Lying above the medial half of the inguinal ligament.

B.The superficial inguinal ring is a triangular slit in the external oblique aponeurosis

C.The canal contains the spermatic cord and the ilioinguinal nerve in males,

D.Superior wall is inferior border formed by internal and transversus abdominis.

E.Contain the round ligament of the uterus and the iliohypogastric nerve in females.

24.Concerning the vein the correct description are ( )

A Internal jugular vein follow common carotid artery

B Accessory hemiazygus vein drain directly into inferior vena cava

C Azygus drain into superior vena cava

D There are hepatic vein,proper hepatic artery and bile duct in hepatoduodenal ligament

E Abdominal aorta lie left side to inferior vena cava

25 Concerning the blood vessel of abdominal part: ( )

A Middle suprarenal artery originate from the abdominal aorta

B Superior mesenteric blood vessel pass anterior of horizontal part of duodenum

C Left ovian (testicular) vein drain into left renal vein

D Superior mesenteric vein lie right side to superior mesenteric artery

E Superior rectal artery originate from inferior mesenteric artery

The third part-Fill the blanks:10 points,0.5 each.

1.The nerve to innervate the deltoid is (1 )which originate from posterior cord of brachial plexus and pass through the quadrangular space.

2.Venous blood from superior and inferior vena cava return to (2 ).

3.One third of the heart located at the (3 right or left ) side of the anterior median line.

4.The inferior epigastric artery originate from the (4 ) artery.

5.Right colic artery originates from (5 ) artery.

6.The cephalic vein usually return to (6 ) vein.

7.The left and right common iliac vein unite to form (7 ) vein at the level of the fifth lumbar vertebrate.

8.There are three layers flat muscle in anterolateral abdominal wall,the inferior five pairs of intercostal nerves and subcostal nerve lie between internal oblique abdominis and (8 ) muscle.

9.The common peroneal nerve is subdivided into superficial and deep peroneal nerve.the latter innervate the (9 ) group of the leg muscle.

10.There are two longitudinal sulcus and one transverse sulcus on the inferior surface of the liver, the part anterior to transverse sulcus is called (10 ) lobe.

11.There are ( 11   ) colic bands in the colons.

12.Right vagus nerve form the (12 ) trunk of vagus nerve in the posterior surface of esophagus.

13.At the lateral border of psoas major you can find the (13 ) nerve.

14.The structure following the anterior tibial blood vessel is (14 ) nerve.

15.The cystic artery usually originate from ( 15   ) branch of proper hepatic artery.

16.Common hepatic artery usually is subdivided into proper hepatic artery and (16 ) artery.

17.Lesser saphenous vein usually drain into (17 ) vein.

18.Azygus vein is the continuation of (18 left or right) lumbar ascending vein.

19.The femoral nerve pass through the lacuna (19 ) .

20.The structures in adductor canal superior include femoral vein and artery and (20 ) nerve.

The fourth part - explanation of the terms (Mark 12,3 each)

1.Carotid sinus (location and function)

2.Thoracic duct (origin, course, collect lymphatic trunks and termination)

3.Femoral triangle (border ,contents and their arrangement )

4.Acurate line (location,formation)

The sixth part: Question and answerMark. 23

1.A patient with appendicitis need a appendectomyoperation to remove the appendix,the surgeon will make a appendiceal incision,please answer,describe the institution of anterolateral abdominal wall what is the layers of the appendiceal incision from superficial and deep.

2.Please describe the origin, main branches and arterial supply scope of external carotid artery.

3.please describe the origin, course, termination and its main tributaries of greater saphenous vein

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Examination paper of regional anatomy-A