Grading and Course Requirment


Attendance                                        10%
Contribution to Class Discussion      10%
Completion of Assignments              10%
Quizs (Four Quizs)                            20%  
Final Exam                                        50%

Course Requirements:
       This course will introduce many cases to the student in the classroom, help them familiar with activities which may involve legal in medical process. There are no pre-determined answers to some of the designed tasks. Students will be encouraged to offer their individual interpretation or response instead of looking to the instructor for confirmation of “correct” answers. Discussions will be conducted through case-based lecture so that students can master the basic theory and technique of forensic medicine. Demonstration will be arranged in the center for medicolegal expertise Fudan University Shanghai Medical College, and will be carried out in an interactive way. Course requirements include active class attendance, intensive reading, enthusiastic participation in discussion and timely completion of assignments.

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