Determination of Injury Degree


When certain strength level of violence acting on human body, some degree of injury on human body or a partial body could occur by energy transfer. For most of injured person, they usually rely on medical records to know their injury information. When forensic examiners are performing examination, no matter what kind of purpose, they should confirm the existence of injury by human body examination and auxiliary examination, combining with original medical records and case information. Some morphological changes of injury on internal tissues and organs can not be observed by human eyes sometimes, so forensic examiners should perform a comprehensive analysis according to clinical manifestation. If injury and disease exist together, or the disease changes rapidly without an obvious injury, it is very important for forensic examiners to make analysis on causal relationship of injury and disease. Injury degree examination refers to performing examination or identification on human body injury, making judgment on the degree of injury by forensic examiners. Injury degree can be classified into five levels from slight level to serious level, which is pain, slight injury, injury, serious injury, and death. Injury degree has special meaning as a legal term: Firstly, the classification of injury degree is determined by criminal law or other types of law. The meaning of “serious injury” is defined by criminal law particularly. How to classify the degree of injury is related to medical theory and technologies, in other words, the content of injury degree is not an isolated medical criterion. Secondly, the function of determining injury degree is to provide evidence for conviction and measurement of penalty in criminal cases; meanwhile, personal injury compensation is related to injury degree. So it is a significant Chinese characteristics that injury degree being forensic examination objective. According to incomplete statistics, there are 23 articles (more than 10 charges) are related to injury degree in Criminal Law

According to "the human body injury identification criterions", serious injury includes:

Injury that cause life-threatening complication directly.
Injury which cause critical organ dysfunction: loss of vision or audition.
Body injury leading to handicap: amputated extremity, range of motion of big joints of limbs losing more than 50%.
Facial injury causing to facial destroy.

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