The effect of teaching
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First, the evaluation of internal and external experts:
Compared with other similar courses, this course is rich in teaching content, combined with theory and practice, and is in the leading position in the course of the same class. My school with rich experience, and has a reasonable structure of the teachers, in the full vigour of life. In teaching to promote teacher in class, recommended by the Department of outstanding teachers, according to the students' previous evaluation of teaching results, the steering group old professor lectures determined teachers. Teachers should love teaching and research has rich teaching experience and the professional is more in-depth. Through the feedback of teaching, further optimization of the teaching staff, to improve the quality of teachers and teaching quality and teaching quality.
Two, the evaluation of students in schools and the evaluation results of students in the past two years:
From the point of view of students to teachers of higher mathematics teaching quality comprehensive evaluation, the student to teacher's teaching quality expressed satisfaction with and in the electronic student evaluation of teaching, the basic clinical oncology curriculum teachers score (average) in the forefront of school public basic course, in 2013, "higher mathematics" all teachers of students electronic rating teach an average of 4.9 (every teacher of the actual score. See Synonyms at Medical College of Fudan University Academic Affairs Office Network Teaching score table).
Most of the students think: refining the basic clinical oncology course content, simple, focused; complete system, breadth suitable; school teachers ideas clear and coherent. And the teaching process is difficult to understand the problem of teaching intuitive, easy to understand, the impression. And teachers pay attention to cultivate students the basic concepts, basic theory and basic skills; to cultivate students' self-study ability and innovative consciousness, to enable students with comprehensive application of mathematical knowledge to analyze the actual problem and solving practical problems ability. Through the reflection of teachers of the course and students' evaluation of teaching system can be seen, the vast majority of students to meet the demand of the teaching, a better grasp of the course content, to meet the needs of the subsequent course of.

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