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NAME: Guo XiaoMao

SEX: Male

DATE of BIRTH:5 Jan.1965

TITLE:President of Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center

President ofShanghai Proton and Heavy Ion Center

Professor, Radiation Oncology

MEMERSHIP:Chinese Medical Association

Chinese Medical Doctor Association

Chinese Society of Radiation Oncology

Chinese Anti-Cancer Association

Chinese Nuclear Soceity

Shanghai Medical Association


Sept.1982 ~ July 1987: Graduate, Department of Medicine, JiangXi Medical College

Sept.1990 ~ July 1993: Master of Radiation Oncology, Shanghai Medical University


July 1987 ~ June 1990: Department of Radiation Oncology, Cancer Hospital of JiangXi

June 1993 ~ Now: Department of Radiation Oncology, Cancer Hospital, Fudan University


Dr. guo have affluent clinic experience on cancer radiotherapy. Dr Guo has made major contributions to the treatment of a range of tumors of breast cancer, lymphoma, urological and genital cancer. As a radiation oncologist, Dr Guo has carried out penetrating research about the treatment of a range of tumors located in thorax and abdomen, specializes in the treatment of breast cancer, lymphoma, esophageal cancer. Dr. Guo published many papers about breast cancer, lymphoma, esophageal cancer in Core Academic Journals of chinese and abroad. Dr Guo had attended many international academiccongressincluding France Germany and Austria. Dr Guo gained one Chinese Department of Health And Care’s major subject project and two Shanghai Department of science projects. Dr. Guo is one of Chinese Onco

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