Courses in the professional orientation and curriculum objectives
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Introduction to oncology including basic theory of tumor: epidemiology, etiology, pathogenesis, tumor prevention; tumor diagnostics: pathology, images, ultrasound, nuclear medicine and laboratory diagnosis; tumor therapy: surgery, radiation therapy, chemical therapy, traditional Chinese medicine traditional Chinese medicine treatment, biological treatment and comprehensive treatment. In each section of the content also includes the direction of development of oncology. Through learning to make students to the basic theory of the tumor, diagnosis and treatment has a whole concept, for further clinical practice to lay the foundation.
This course makes full use of the existing teaching, clinical and scientific research resources, and aims at building a domestic first-class set of clinical, teaching and scientific research as one of the key disciplines. As a well-known universities, Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University, relying on the Fudan University has a long history and good reputation and strong strength of running a school, the quality of students in the city and even the whole country is among the best, for many years cultivated many excellent medical talents.
This course mainly for students, not only to cultivate clinical frontline physicians, and pay attention to the cultivation of medical students in scientific research, through the course of learning, to enable students to systematically master tumor occurrence, clinical diagnosis and treatment of tumor development, basic knowledge and basic principle. At the same time, also let students understand the basic research on tumor and tumor diagnosis and treatment of significant progress and development direction. The advanced concept of multidisciplinary comprehensive treatment is emphasized, and the quality of life of patients can be improved greatly by using the existing medical treatment methods in a planned and reasonable way. Through the teaching practice teaching rounds, with the operating table, the subjects of rotary teaching reform, the students of the whole clinical learning always not from clinical practice, in order to macro thinking of cultivating students' global view and clinical analysis of problems and problem solving ability.

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