Teaching condition
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The use and construction of teaching materials
In 2012 carefully prepared the "Clinical Oncology Basic" notes, and in February 2014 was revised.

Expansion of the use of information: rich in video materials and curriculum related information
Teaching materials, teaching courseware and student work, exercises and so on the school corresponding website, at any time for students to access and download, and teaching courseware every year to update the version provided. Plan two years of the whole course of classroom teaching for the whole video, the production of classroom teaching video resources for the Internet to share.

Supplementary teaching materials:
1 Abeloff's Clinical Oncology, 4th ed. Copyright Churchill Livingstone An Imprint 2008, of Elsevier
2 and Principle Practice of Oncology 6th, ed.

Practical teaching environment
Classroom practice teaching. In teaching to promote teacher in class, recommended by the Department of outstanding teachers, according to the students' previous evaluation of teaching results, the steering group old professor lectures determined teachers. Teachers should love teaching and research has rich teaching experience and the professional is more in-depth. Through the feedback of teaching, further optimization of the teaching staff, to improve the quality of teachers and teaching quality and teaching quality. The in class, using and has adopted the case teaching and discussion, students for is undergoing a medical case, discussed in class and after-school group discussion, to carry out a subject classroom simulation teaching demonstration method, video and so on learning style.

Network teaching environment
Has been established on the campus of the elite course website platform for the whole community to open the site, set up a wealth of appropriate learning content, to facilitate students to learn. Accordingly, teachers and students can use this platform to interact, distance learning and discussion.

At present, this course has become a professional basic course for all undergraduate students in our school.

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