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Systematic Anatomy

Hongqi Zhang






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l  Dr. Zhang Hongqi(张红旗) does an excellent job organizing and teaching both the systematic and regional anatomy classes for MBBS in Fudan University. His Powerpoints are very clear and easy to understand. The class is structured very nicely and contents are well taught.

It would be great if the curriculum of the textbook can be changed to an international version, so students have a better description of the material. The systematic anatomy textbook contains multiple spelling and grammar mistakes, while some descriptions are also unclear. Both the systematic and regional anatomy courses should be taught similar to the medical schools in the US.

The Powerpoints made by Dr. Zhang are both easy to understand and the pictures he selects are also helpful for students. Aside from Dr. Zhang, the other professors' Powerpoints do not contain as much detailed descriptions and are usually filled with Chinese words.

For systematic anatomy, I think the final exam should be cumulative, as that is how most medical schools have it in the US. For regional anatomy, I think the new laboratory is very nice and clean so students can get a better experience with dissections and gain a better understanding. Grant's Dissector is an excellent book.

Overall, anatomy class is organized very well for the MBBS curriculum and Dr. Zhang does an excellent job monitoring the class. It is truly a great experience for  students, and they can interact closely with the teacher as well as learn important knowledge.


Best regards,


Student from Mbbs class:Casey Wang, 12301016032



l  As a current MBBS student of the 2012 MBBS batch, I am happy to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed this course and I believe having such an enthusiastic and knowledgeable lecturer such as Professor Zhang has made this course more enjoyable. I have gained vast amount of knowledge and I believe this will be very helpful on my journey to become a doctor. I am happy with the wealth of knowledge that my professors have and it has been a very good experience learning from them. I am very happy with the way the course has been structured and I am equally impressed with the lecture notes provided making it very easy to learn.


Toni Ajoje




l  I feel that the anatomy course offered in Fudan is structured fairly well. There are many things to cover for anatomy and for the teachers to highlight the most important parts for us makes the topic a lot easier to learn. It would be nice however, to have foreign professors that would give guest lectures which would provide us, the international MBBS students, with a better understanding of the subject. With the foreign professors, we able to learn how to correctly pronounce certain parts of the body instead of learning the wrong pronunciation or spelling, and possibly leading to embarrassing situations further in our medical career.

The class material being taught by the professors are well taught. With the exception of the language barrier, it is clear that the Professor Zhang has a full understanding of the material. Professor Zhang is a very good teacher in that he reviews the lecture beforehand and afterwards, correcting errors he may have encountered while giving the lecture showing the dedication he has towards teaching the class.

I feel that the new anatomy lab is very nice with the exception of a few minor things. Some of the human bodies provided are not kept in good shape. There is one that is currently being dissected, where a part of the body is clearly rotting away and there is also feces that were left uncleansed on the human body. Also, there should be something done about the cleanliness of the lab itself as many students don’t clean the tools properly. I feel as though there should be certain standards of cleanliness within a lab as to provide a better working environment for every student that has to take the course.




l  Good Points-

-        The main professor, Mr. Hong Qi Zhang is better at teaching and seems very dedicated.

-        The powerpoint slides seem to contain just enough information.

-        The professor tries to help while dissection.



-        Professor is not able to understand our questions properly. Although, he tries his best to answer our doubts, more time is needed for him to understand our questions.

-        It would be better to have TAs for anatomy since everyone in the dissection table needs the teacher but the teacher can not be everywhere everytime. Therefore, it is more convenient to have TAs to clear our doubts when the teacher is not available.