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Hongqi ZHANG

Hongqi ZHANG, Ph.D, born in 1959,

Professor,Fudan University, Postgraduate supervisor.

A member of council of Shanghai society of biomedical engineering.

A member of council of Shanghai society of anatomy

Expert of national medical examination center

Winner of the undergraduate teaching contribution award of Fudan University

Person in charge of four Shanghai excellent course, Shanghai key course or Shanghai demonstration course (three among of them are full English courses)

Zhang got his Medical Master Degree in Sun-Yat Sen University of Medical Sciences in1990 and Medical Doctor Degree in Fudan University in 2004 respectively. He worked as the director from 1997 to 2005 at Department of Xinxiang Medical University and to be as anatomical professor since 2001.He was enrolled to Fudan University Department of Anatomy, Histology and Embryology, School of Basic medical Sciences, Fudan University. He went to Downstate Medical Centerof State University of Newyork for his postdoctor’s research during from January of 2008 to May of 2009.

Teaching work:

Research interests mainly focus on mechanism of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular remodeling, and recently major in exploring the origin and function of Telocytes (A new type interstitial cell existed in many organs and tissues).Research result ever published in Circulation Research,Molecular and Cellular Biology, Arteriocler Thromb Vasc Biol , Journal of cellular and molecular Medicine, Atherosclerosis, Anatomical Record, et al.

Main works are as follows: Systematic Anatomy(Editor-in-chief ) published in Fudan University Press House; Surfaceanatomy and atlas of human body(Associate editor-in-chief ) published in Henan Science and Technology Publishing House;Atlas of cardiac histology( Associate editor-in-chief) published in Henan Science and Technology Publishing House;Telocytes-Connecting cells(in English) (Advance in experimental medicine and biology by Springer Publishing Company),Translated book-Grant’s Atlas of Human.The other works:Human anatomy》《Clinical anatomy》《Molecular basis of cardiovascular disease》《Interventional radiology of biliary tract diseases》《Mediastinoscopy》《Reproductive immunology》《Peritoneal and retroperitoneal space diseases》《Fetaland neonatal cardiologyetc.


Room 308,Building 9 ,Yixueyuan Road 138,200032,Shanghai,China

Tel: 086-21-54237151ext 9308; Fax:86-21-54237027


Recent Papers:

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