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General Description

At present, Shanghai medical college, Fudan university is former shanghai medical university which is one of the most famous medical universities in china. The latest Fudan university is the official merger of original Fudan university with shanghai medical university on 27th, April, 2000, from which a brave new Fudan was born. For the first time has the University had its own college for medical sciences. Better equipped and more robust, Fudan is one step further today toward its ambitious aim of becoming a leading university in the world.Since 2008,fudan university began to enroll international students (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgeon, MBBS).The students will stay in fudan for six years and all the courses will be taught by whole english. During the first year,the students will stay in principal campus located at handan road in yangpu district and learn their course related to general education. In the second year,the students will stay in medical campus at Fenglin road in Xuhui district and study medical related courses. Anatomy is one of the earliest medical course.Anatomy course have two courses, there are, systemic anatomy and regional anatomy.Systemic anatomy is arranged in the first semester of the second year, however, regionalanatomy the second semester. Human Anatomy is the science dealing with morphology and structures of normal human body, the main task of this subject is that students will know the shapes and structures, the arrangements and relationships, the law of development and basic function of the organs in human body. Anatomy is one of the foundation subjects in medical study. To service the needs of preclinical medicine and clinical medicine. In the systematic studying, Firstly, make the students master the basic theory, elementary knowledge and basic skill of systematic anatomy,and correctly use anatomical terms, and also learn appropriate english anatomical names;For another, it is important to cultivate the students’ ability of self-study and observing and synthesizing, and the ability of analyzing, inducing and solving problems.