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Course Objectives

l  Introduces cases and techniques of managing marketing programs in China market

l  Analyze cases, identify marketing strategies, propose corrections to elements of the marketing mix, and demonstrate problem solving and decision-making abilities through group work and projects. 

l  Students are graded on analyzing cases and discussing cases in class, writing a group case, presenting and defending marketing recommendations, and completing assignments.


Course Outline

l  Understanding Marketing Management

l  Building Strong Brands

l  Shaping The Market Offerings

l  Delivering Value

l  Communication Value



l  Philip Kotler and Kevin Keller, “A Framework for Marketing Management,” Pearson Education, 2007 (you can find it in China, Tsinghua University Press)

l  Philip Kotler and Kevin Keller, “Marketing Management”, 12e Edition, Pearson Education, 2005 (You can find the similar version in China)

l  Case Questions


Student need to

l  Two case presentations by a group of 2 persons

l  One Final Exam

l  Optional: A research survey may be conducted during the class



l  2 persons per study group. 

l  These groups will be used to prepare cases and readings throughout the semester and for your group case write up and presentation. 

l  There should have 25 groups in total for the class.

l  Please submit to the roster of your team members by the end of next class ( the 2nd session). 

l  The group should designate a contact person and provide an email address and telephone number for that person. 


Grading and Course Requirements

l  Class contribution 25% (participation, discussion and survey)

l  Group Case Presentation 25%*2=50% (slides and texts)

l  Final Exam/Paper 25%


Group Case Writing and Presentation

l  Each group is required to submit a written analysis of each case during the semester. The submission should not exceed 10 double-spaced (Times Roman 12 point) pages plus exhibits. 

l  The write-up is due at the start of the class session during which the case is scheduled for discussion. Late submissions will not be accepted – no exceptions. 

l  Please submit both soft-copy and hard-copy of the case and keep one copy for your records. 

l  Each group takes charge of presentations of the case you chose