Course Description
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Medical genetics is fundamental to  the basic sciences of preclinical medical education and has important applications to clinical medicine, public health and medical research. This course discusses the phenotype, the pathology, and the genetic discipline of genetic diseases with the theory and the method of human genetics. Its content includes monogenic diseases, polygenic diseases, chromosomal disease and mitochondrial diseases. Also, this course will introduce the  diagnosis, therapy and consultation of genetic diseases.

医学遗传学是用人类遗传学的理论和方法来研究 “遗传病”(单基因病,多基因病,染色体病,线粒体病等)从亲代传至子代的特点和规律、起源和发生、病理机制、病变过程以及遗传病的诊断、治疗和咨询等临床遗传学问题。本课程为全英文授课。