Directions for Assignments
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I. Self-introductory Speech

1.Prepare a 3-minute self-introductory speech.

2.Use an object to help introduce yourself to the class [eg, an apple, a can of coke, a kite, a grasshopper]. Let us know about your personality rather than your identity.

3.Dress code is smart casual.

4.You may carry some cards with key words or outline to prompt you, but not your script.

5.You may use non-screen based visual aids for your presentation.

6.Create a title for your speech.

7.Speech should have an: (a) introduction, (b) main body, and (c) conclusion.

8.Rehearse your speech thoroughly to ensure it is as close as possible to three minutes.

9.Your speech is due on October 9.

10.Please turn in your final draft at (“Assignments”) before October 25.