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Infectious diseases is an important course of clinical medicine. The textbook mainly contains common worldwide infectious diseases and emerging infectious diseases in recent years. With the extensive application of multimedia tools during the course, it has contributed to ease faculties’ teaching, deep students’ understanding, make class more lively and improve the teaching quality. For the past few years, the department of infectious disease has endeavored to the construction of teaching network and developed the online course from which students can download syllabus, lesson plans, powerpoints, teaching videos and other information about this course. What’s more, the course provides certain opportunities to bedside teaching in the hospital and attending doctors will organize students to attend clinical rounds during which they can learn how to collect the illness history, make physical examination, write history report and make an initial diagnosis and therapeutic plan, write the progress notes and master some common medical techniques like lumbar puncture, thoracentesis, abdominal paracentesis, bone marrow aspiration. Also, students are welcomed to attend the discussion of complicated cases held in the department of infectious disease every two weeks where they can listen to many noted experts and learn how to find the diagnosis and differential diagnosis based on the essential theories of infectious diseases. Since the class of MBBS was set in the Shanghai medical college, the department of infectious disease established the course taught in English immediately and edited English textbook specifically.





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