Teaching Schedule for First Semester of Year 2016-2017
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First Semester of Year 2016-2017, Shanghai Medical College, Fudan UniversityThe Teaching Schedule of  Infectious Diseases for MBSS Class, Grade 2012, Clinical Medicine (6-year program)
      Course ID :MED130232  
WeekLectureBedside teaching
Number DateWeekdaySectionLecture TopicTeacherTitleTopicDate
12016/09/05Monday1,2The sepsis syndromeWen-Hong ZhagProfessor     
2016/09/09Friday1,2malariaMing-Quan ChenAssociate chief physician
22016/09/12Monday1,2viral hepatitisJi-Ming ZhangProfessor     
2016/09/16Friday1,2Moon Festival
32016/09/19Monday1,2diarrheaNing LiAssociate chief physician     
2016/09/23Friday1,2measlesJun ShenAssociate chief physician
42016/09/26Monday1,2VaricellaYan-Ling GeAssociate chief physicianpeadiatriscs2016/09/28
2016/09/30Friday1,2tuberculosisWen-Hong ZhagProfessor
52016/10/03Monday1,2National Holiday     
62016/10/10Monday1,2fungal pneumoniaLi_Ping ZhuChief physicianhepatitis2016/10/12
2016/10/14Friday1,2CNS infection(bacterial,viral)Ling-Yun ShaoAssociate chief physician
72016/10/17Monday1,2CNS infection(fungus,tuberculosis)Li_Ping ZhuChief physician     
2016/10/21Friday1,2The febrile patient Shu ChenChief physician
82016/10/24Monday1,2schistomiasisQian LiAttending physicianfever2016/10/26
2016/10/28Friday1,2spirochetesWei-Ming JiangAssociate chief physician
92016/10/31Monday1,2Richettsia and brecellosisJia-Ling JinAssociate chief physician     
2016/11/04Friday1,2typhoid feverJian-WangAssociate chief physician
102016/11/07Monday1,2EB virusMei ZengChief physicianpeadiatriscs2016/11/09
112016/11/14Monday1,2HIVHong-Zhou LuProfessor     
122016/11/21Monday1,2SARS and InfluenzaLing-Yun ShaoAssociate chief physician
132016/11/28Monday1,2Hantan  virus and CMVYu Xian HuangChief physician     
The course is set up by: The department of infectious diseases of Huashan Hospital, Zhongshan Hospital and Children"s Hospital.
Classroom location: Classroom 2607 (Multi-media classroom), Feng Lin Campus.
Section time: 1st section: 8:00am-8:45am; 2nd section: 8:55am-9:40am; 3rd section: 9:55am-10:40am; 4th section: 10:50-11:35.
Teaching materials: Handouts by the lecturer        
Bedside teaching is all arranged on Wednesday afternoon and  starts at 2:00pm.
Bedside teaching will be given at:
                 The bedside teaching of  Hepatitis: Hepatitis Ward, 3rd Floor, Building No.5, Huashan Hospital
                 The bedside teaching of Peadiatriscs: Building of the department of infection, Children"s Hospital affilated to Fudan University.(No. 399, Wan Yuan Rd, Ming Hang District)
Notice: Teachers who drive to Feng Lin Campus should bring both the teaching schedule and the vehicle campus-entry  credentials.


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Teaching Schedule for First Semester of Year 2016-2017