Course Description
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This course  provides a detailed, vivid introduction to the origin and main unique features  of Chinese traditional culture with a focus on its distinctive artistic charms.  It also presents an overview of the spirit and core values of Chinese culture  from a philosophical perspective with an attempt to exemplify the inner mind,  cultural character, the life views and aesthetic interests of the Chinese  people. The overall aim of the course is to promote a broader and deeper  understanding of the charms of Chinese arts and Chinese culture, which are often  characterized as “suggestive but not articulate.” Though focusing on Chinese  traditional culture, this course is also of important relevance to students  today both in China and abroad since the profound world of meaning imbedded in  Chinese ancient culture and arts still holds an essential key to a better  understanding of the essence of contemporary Chinese culture. The course will  therefore be suited to international students seeking to explore the diverse  aspects of Chinese culture.

In this course,  we will explore a variety of subjects ranging from ancient cultural treasures  such as the painted pottery, the bronze, the tradition of rites and music, to  enduring artworks of painting, poetry, garden, etc. This course attempts to  present these subjects in such a way that allows students to achieve a basic  view of the interrelatedness among Chinese culture, Chinese arts, and Chinese  people’s contentment with a harmonious life.