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There are 15 doctoral supervisor and 21 master’s supervisor in Eye and ENT hospital of Fudan University. There are 14 teachers who undertake the teaching task of general course. All of them have senior professional post, and 12 of them have PhD degree. The oldest teacher is 54-year-old, and the youngest teacher is 39-year-old. The mean age is 47.2, six people’s age between 59-50(account for 42.8%), seven people’s age between 49-40(account for 50.0%), one people is no more than 39 years old ( account for 7.2%). The major group of teachers are less than 50 years old, account for 57.2%, which makes the team younger and more professional. Clinical education is lead by associate chief physiciansattending doctors and senior residents. PhD students also assist teaching ( tutorship for observation students). The ratio of teacher and observation student is 1:10; The ratio of teacher and intern is 1/4.