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1.Master the clinical tests of strabismus, the therapy’s principles of strabismus and the difference between comitant and incomitant strabismus.

2.Know the anatomical physiology of extraocular muscle and common cause of strabismus.

3.Learn binocular vision and examination of diplopia.


  1. Basic concept of strabismus

  2. Clinical Tests of strabismus

    2.1 Tests of ocular alignment

    2.2 Tests of eye movement

    2.3 Tests of sensory function.

Principles of therapy of strabismus

3.1Therapy objective

3.2 Time of treatment

3.3 Non-surgical therapy

3.4 Surgical treatment

Comitant and paralytic strabismus

4.1 Comitant strabismus

4.2 Incomitant Strabismus

4.3 Difference between comitant and incomitant strabismus