Eyelid disease
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Eyelid disease

Purpose and Requirement

  1. Understand the diagnosis and treatment of epicanthus and eyelid herpes zoster

  2. Familiar with anatomical and physiological characteristics of eyelid

  3. Familiar with clinical manifestations and treatment of entropion, ectropion, ptosis , trichiasis .

  4. Familiar with classification, clinical manifestations and treatment of marginal blepharitis

  5. Master the etiology, clinical manifestations, treatment principles and the worthy-noted points of hordeolum and meibomian cyst


1. Eyelid congenital anomaly



2. Eyelid Inflammatory disease

(1)allergic contact dermatitis

(2) hordeolum etiology clinical findings treatment

(3) meibomian cystetiology clinical findingstreatment

(4) Marginal blepharitis :

blepharitis squamosa

ulcerative blepharitis

angular blepharitis

(5)viral palpebral dermatitis:

herpes simplex palpebral dermatitis

herpes zoster palpebral dermatitis


3. abnormal position and function of eyelid

  1. entropionetiologytreatment

  2. ectropion

  3. trichiasisetiologytreatment

  4. hypophasisclinical manifestationsmanagement

  5. ptosisclinical manifestationsmanagement