翻译点津 时事热词英译(七)




基本工资 basic wages (Over 3000 people recently applied for jobs in a British zoo which only temporary and at basic wages.英国一家动物园日前发出广告,招聘临时工,只发放基本工资,结果引来3000多人应聘。)

基本国策 basic state policy; basic national policy

基本国情 fundamental realities of the country  

基本建成覆盖城乡、功能完善的疾病预防控制和医疗救治体系 establish a fully functioning system for disease prevention and control and for emergency medical aid that covers both urban andrural areas

基本路线要管一百年 The basic line must be followed unswervingly for a very long time to come.  

基本人权 fundamental human rights

基本养老金社会化发放 retirees receive their basic pension through social security channels

基本医疗保险制度 basic medical insurance system

基本月租费 basic monthly fee (charges)

基层工作 grass-roots work

基层监督 grass-roots supervision  

基层民主 democracy at the grassroots level  

基层社区 grassroots community (The State Council also encouraged college students to broaden their job search and consider working in grassroots communities, central and western parts of China or SMEs, or start their own business.国务院还鼓励大学生拓宽就业渠道,考虑去基层社区、中西部地区以及中小企业就业,或自主创业。)

基层文化建设 primary-level cultural undertakings

基层组织 organizations at the grass-roots level, primary-level organization  

机场建设费 airport construction fee  

既成事实 fait accompli (noun)  

继承税 inheritance tax

基础产业 basic industry

基础教育 basic education

基础设施建设 infrastructure construction  

基础设施 infrastructure

基础税率 base tariff level  

记大过 record a serious demerit

鸡蛋碰石头 like an egg striking a rock; attack… stronger than oneself

基地组织 al-Qaeda group

机电产品 mechanical and electrical products  

缉毒 investigate drug smuggling; capture drug smugglers  

(日本银行主持的)季度短观调查报告 Tankan survey

缉毒队 narcotics squad  

极度兴奋 fever pitch (The goal roused the crowd to fever pitch.这个进球让现场球迷陷入狂热。)

计费方法/按秒计费/按分计费 Calculating telephone fees/ per-second calculation/ per-minute calculation  

急功近利 eager for instant success and quick profits

技工贸结合的科技型企业 scientific and technological enterprises that integrate scientific and technological development with industrial and trade development  

机构重叠 organizational overlapping

机构改革 institutional reform; streamlining; institutional restructuring

机构投资者 institutional investor  

机构臃肿 overstaffing in organizations (government)  

激光唱片 compact disc; laser record; laser disc

激光打印机 laser printer

激光导航 laser navigation

激光通信 laser communication

计划单列市 city specifically designated in the state plan  

计划经济 planned economy

计划内招生 planned enrollment

计划生育责任制 responsibility system of family planning  

机会成本 opportunity cost

积极防御 active defense

计价器 taximeter

计件工资制  piece-rate system

季节性调价 seasonal price adjustment

即开式奖券 scratch-open ticketscratch pad

激励约束制度 a system of incentives and disincentives

激烈竞争 cut-throat competition  

记名债券 registered bond

吉尼斯世界记录 Guinness World Records  

纪念封 commemorative envelope

即期消费 immediate consumption

机器阅卷 machine scoring

急人民所急,忧人民所忧 making the desires and worries of the people one's own  

吉日良辰 auspicious day

即溶泳衣 dissolvable bikini (The dissolvable bikini looks like a real bikini but disappears after just a few seconds in water.从表面看,这种泳衣和真正的比基尼没有任何区别,但入水几秒钟后,它却能被彻底溶解掉。)

积少成多 many a little makes a mickle

寄生效应 ghost effect

即食餐 ready meal

计时工资 hourly wage

计时工资制 time-rate wage system

纪实文学 documentary writing  

纪实小说 documentary fiction

寄售 commission sale

技术产权交易所 technology equity market; technology property right exchange  

技术成果商品化 commercialization of technological achievements

技术储备 technological reserve  

技术创新 technological innovation

技术改造 technological transformation

技术攻关 strive to make technological breakthrough

技术工人 technician; skilled worker

技术集约企业 technology-intensive enterprise

技术交底 technical disclosure

技术密集产品 technology-intensive product  

技术密集型 technology-intensive

技术下乡 spread technological knowledge to farmers  

技术依托 technical backstopping  

技术有偿转让 transfer of technology with compensation

集束炸弹 cluster bomb

技术职称 technical title

技术转让 technology transfer

集思广益 draw on collective wisdom and absorb all useful ideas

缉私力量 the forces engaged in the fight against smuggling  

寄宿家庭 home stayA home stay provides the opportunity to experience foreign culture while living in a foreign home.寄宿家庭可以让你居住在外国人家中感受外国文化。)

计算机化战争 computerized war

计算机集成制造系统 computer integrated manufacturing system (CIMS)

计算机辅助教学 computer-assisted instruction (CAI)

计算机辅助学习 computer-aided learning (CAL)

计算机中央处理器 central processing unit(CPU)  

计算机网络信息中心 computer network information center

挤提 bank run  


集体承包 be contracted to collectives; collective contract

集体观念 groupism; collective spirit

集体婚礼 collective wedding ceremony; group wedding  

集体经济 collective economy

集体领导和个人分工负责相结合的制度 system combining collective leadership with individual responsibility  

集体所有制 collective ownership

集团消费 institutional spending

既往不咎,忘掉旧嫌 let bygones be bygones  

继往开来 continue with the past and open up the future

纪委 discipline inspection commission

鸡尾酒疗法 drug cocktail therapy (treatment)

即席讲话 speak impromptu; make an impromptu speech; off-the-cuff remarks

极限运动 extreme sports; X-sports

吉祥如意 Everything goes well

吉祥物 mascot  

继续深化国有企业改革、使企业真正成为市场竞争的主体 to deepen SOE reform to enable them to become main players in the market competition;

积压产品 overstocked commodities (inventories)  

积压滞销 overstocked commodity (inventory)

机译 machine translation (MT)

基因工程 genetic engineering  

基因库 gene bank

基因水稻 trans-genetic hybrid rice

基因突变 genetic mutation  

基因图谱 genome; Gene chip (DNA microarray)

即印相片 instant photo

基因组 genome

绩优股 blue chip

集约化 intensification

集约化经营 intensive management  

集约经营 intensive operation  

鸡仔文学 Chick lit. This Chinese phrase is a translation of the English term “Chick lit,” which refers to the kind of fiction created for young women, particularly single, working women in their twenties and thirties.

记账式国债 book-entry T-bonds

记账式国库券 inscribed treasury bond

记者席 press box  

记者招待会 press conference  

家政服务 household service

集中精力把经济建设搞上去 go all out for economic development  

集装箱运输船  container freighter  

集装运输 container shipping

集资 pool resources; collect money; raise funds; raise money

集资办学 raise money to set up new schools

集资房 houses built with funds collected by the buyers  

A足球队 Division A soccer team

加班 overtime work  

嘉宾 distinguished guest, honored guest  

假唱 lip-synch  

加长版 extended edition (In April, the 87-year-old Reader's Digest, the most popular general interest magazine in the United States, published its first extended edition in China to enrich the content of the magazine with pictures and words.四月份,美国最受欢迎的综合性人文杂志《读者文摘》在中国出版了第一辑加长版,用更多的图片和文字使杂志内容更丰富。《读者文摘》至今已经走过了87个春秋。)

假钞票 fake note; phony money; stumer

假动作 deception; feint

价格波动 price fluctuation

价格操纵 price manipulation; price rigging

价格反弹 price rebound

价格浮动范围 price-float range  

价格弹性 price elasticity

价格听证会 public price hearings  

价格脱离价值 divergence of prices from values; divorce price from value

加工贸易 trade involving the processing of supplied raw materials

甲骨文 oracle bone inscriptions

架空 make somebody a mere figurehead; deprive somebody of his authority while keeping him in office  

加快产业结构升级 speed up efforts to upgrade its industrial structure  

加快市场步伐 accelerate the marketization; quicken the pace of marketization  

假冒伪劣产品 counterfeit and shoddy products  

加盟 ally oneself to (a sports team)  

加密 encrypt  

加密频道 encoded channel

家谱 family tree; family stemma; family genealogy

加强军队和政权建设 strengthen army building and the organs of political power

加强流动人口计划生育管理 strengthen the management of family planning among the floating population

加强农业基础地位 strengthen the position of agriculture as the foundation of the economy

加强舆论监督 ensure that the correct orientation is maintained in public opinion  

假球 soccer fraud

加权平均值 weighted average  

假日经济 holiday economy  

加塞 jump a queue; cut a line

假释 parole

加时赛 overtime (Pau Gasol scored nine points in the overtime to lead world champions Spain to a 85-75 win over China on Tuesday in the men's basketball competitions of the Beijing Olympic Games.在本周二进行的北京奥运会男篮小组赛上,保罗•加索尔在加时赛中得到九分,其突出表现最终帮助世界冠军西班牙队以8575战胜中国队。)

加速上市 speed-to-market

加速上市 speed-to-market

家庭出身 family background

家庭经济困难的学生 needy student  

家庭联产承包责任制 the household contract responsibility system  

家庭窘照 Awkward family pics.(Set up a couple of months ago, Awkward Family Photos is getting more than 2m hits a day, attracting major publishers to line up offering potential book deals.网站成立不足2月,日点击量已逾200万。各大知名出版商纷纷排队抢购照片出版权。)

家庭影院 home theater

假小子 tomboy

夹心层 sandwich class (Applications commenced yesterday in response to the Hong Kong Housing Society's plans to sell sandwich-class flats in Tseung Kwan O for singles and families. The flats are priced 23 percent below market value.香港房屋委员会计划面向单身人士和家庭出售将军澳地区的“夹心阶层住屋”,申请已于昨日开始。这些公寓的售价比市价要低23%)

家用电器 household electrical appliance; home appliance

家长制作风 patriarchal style

家政服务 household service

价值工程 value engineering

家族企业 family firm  

加大污染治理力度 strengthen pollution control

假酒 adulterated wine

加快处置不良资产 step up efforts in handling bad assets

加快努力 speed up efforts

假冒伪劣商品 counterfeit and substandard goods

兼并 merge; annexation

见不得人的勾当 under-the-table deal

剪彩 cut the ribbon  

剪彩仪式 ribbon cutting ceremony (The day has finally come for organizers and volunteers to open the doors of Beacon of Hope on the west side of Indianapolis. There will be a ribbon cutting ceremony at 8 a.m. July 27.组织者和志愿者们终于要揭开印第安那波利斯市西部“希望灯塔”的神秘面纱了。剪彩仪式将在727日上午8点举行。)

建仓 open a position  

检察官 public procurator

检察机关 procuratorial organ

检察长 chief procurator

坚持不懈地进行“扫黄打非”斗争 fight unremittingly against pornographic and illegal publications

坚持对话,不搞对抗 persist in dialogue, refrain from confrontation

坚持解放思想、实事求是的思想路线,弘扬与时俱进的精神 adhere to the ideological guideline of emancipating the mind, seeking truth from facts, and upholds the spirit of advancing with time.  

坚持统一,反对分裂,增加了解,化解歧见 persist in reunification, oppose separation, increase understanding and iron out differences  

剪刀差 price scissors; scissors movement of price

监督部门 watchdog  

尖端产品 highly sophisticated products  

尖端课题 frontline subject

减肥茶 diet tea

减肥训练营 weight loss camp (250 traffic police offers in Bangkok, Thailand, have entered a weight loss camp to burn the fat in their plump body from June 30.泰国曼谷市250名体重超标的交通警察630日开始参加"交警减肥营")

减负 alleviate burdens on somebody  

监护权 custodial right

舰舰导弹 ship-to-ship missile

间接选举 indirect election

渐进式台独 gradual Taiwan independence

渐近尾声 draw to a close

检举箱 accusation letter box  

健康保险 health insurance( The Bryants did not provide her with health insurance and she sustained damages of $20000 in unpaid overtime.科比夫妇没有给她提供健康保险,拖欠她2万美元薪水。)

健康及意外险 health and casualty insurance

健康证 health certificate (A university graduate who fought discrimination against Hepatitis B virus (HBV) carriers for two years has received a health certificate allowing him to be employed in the food industry.在与对乙肝病毒携带者的歧视斗争了两年之后,一位大学毕业生终于拿到了允许他从事食品行业的健康证。)

建立公正、合理的国际政治经济新秩序 build a fair and rational new international political and economic order

建立健全国有资产管理和监督体制 establish and perfect the management and supervision system of State-owned assets

见面会 meet-and-greet

简明新闻 news in brief

减排 carbon emission reduction (China's commitment on carbon emission reduction is scientific and practical, Chinese premier Wen Jiabao said at a news conference following the China-EU summit Monday.本周一,在中欧峰会结束后的新闻发布会上,温家宝总理称,中国所做的碳减排承诺是科学和实际的。)

减轻农民负担  reduce farmers' burdens; lighten the burden on farmers

建设公债 public bonds for construction  

建设社会主义的物质文明和精神文明 build a socialist civilization that is advanced culturally and ideologically, as well as materially; promote socialist material progress and socialist culture and ideology

建设社会主义法治国家 build a socialist country under the rule of law  

建设稳产高产基本农田 make primary farmland capable of producing stable, high yields.

建设有中国特色的社会主义 build a socialist country under the rule of law build socialism with Chinese characteristics

监事会 board of inspectors

减速玻璃(汽车) decelerating glass  

荐贤举能 recommend the virtuous and the able

减刑 have one's sentence commuted

减员增效 downsize staffs and improve efficiency

减灾 disaster reduction; disaster mitigation; reduce damages caused by disaster

舰载飞机 carrier-borne aircraft; carrier aircraft

简政放权 streamline administration and delegate power; streamline administration and institute decentralization

建筑面积 floorage; floor space

监察合一 the integration of supervision and investigation

坚持国家绝对控股 keeping a controlling share in the state's hands

坚持正确的政治方向 pursue a correct political direction

坚定信心,扎实工作,旗帜鲜明,毫无动摇 enhance confidence, do a solid job, take a clear-cut stand and never waver in carrying on the fight in depth

讲诚信,反欺诈: honor credibility and oppose cheating  

僵化思想 ossified thinking

将军肚 general's belly; beer belly  

奖励工资制度 a bonus wages system; a system of higher pay for better performance

降落伞候选人,外来候选人(应召而来参加本人非所在地区竞选的政党候选人) parachute candidate

江南水乡 the south of the lower reaches of the Yangze River  

讲排场,摆阔气 waste and extravagance

讲求实效  stress practical results; strive for practical results

僵尸电脑 zombie computer (Malicious code such as Conficker can be triggered to steal data or turn control of infected computers over to hackers amassing"zombie" machines for criminal ends.入侵者可激活Conficker蠕虫病毒等恶意代码来窃取数据,或使被感染的电脑受黑客控制,进而产生大量的“僵尸电脑”以用于犯罪目的。)

降息 reduction of interest  

降息 reduction of interest rate  

讲义气 be loyal to friends; remain faithful to friends

僵持 stand-off (Two hijackers of a Sudanese jetliner surrendered to authorities in Libya after releasing all the passengers Wednesday after a 22-hour standoff.经过22个小时的僵持,劫持苏丹客机的两名劫机者27日释放了所有人质,并向利比亚当局投降。)

降低消耗 to reduce consumption of resources

建立促进经济社会可持续发展的机制 establish a mechanism to promote sustainable social and economic development

建立更加安全、更加尊重多样性和更加团结的世界 work for a safer, more diverse and united world

建立巩固的国防 build a strong national defense

健全国有资本经营预算制度 establishing a sound operating and budget system for state capital

健全国有资本经营业绩考核体系 establishing a sound performance evaluation system for state capital

健全国有资产重大损失责任追究制度 establishing a sound system for assigning responsibility for major losses of state assets for state capital

健全就业,收入分配和社会保障制度 improve employment, income distribution and social security system

减少和规范行政审批 to reduce the number of matters requiring administrative examination and approval and standardize such procedures

建设高素质的领导干部队伍 build a contingent of high-calibre leading cardres

建设统一开放竞争有序的现代市场体系 establish a unified, open and orderly modern market system

建设完整的社会主义市场经济体系 establish a complete socialist market economic system

建设信息化军队 to build computerized armed forces

简税制、宽税基、低税率、严征管”的原则 the principle of “a more simplified taxation system, broader tax collection basis, lower tax rates and stricter tax collection”

简易过渡房 makeshift shelter (1 million makeshift shelters for quake-hit areas must be finished in 3 and half months, according to the 11th State Council's meeting of disaster relief Tuesday.)

减员增效 reduce staff for greater efficiency  

叫板 challenge; pick a quarrel

脚踩两只船 sit on the fence  

交叉报复 cross retaliation  

交割 delivery

教工 teachers and staff

交流学者 exchange scholar

矫情 use lame arguments

教书育人 impart knowledge and educate people  

脚踏实地 be down-to-earth  

交通补助  travel allowance  

交通协管员 traffic warden (The new method introduced in the city's downtown area requires traffic wardens to pull a rope across the pavement when the pedestrian's red light is on, to keep back pedestrians and bicyclists. When the light switches to green, the rope is pulled away.这一新举措在该市城区实行,要求交通协管员在行人红灯亮起时拉起绳子阻断人行道,以阻止行人和骑自行车的人通过。等绿灯亮的时候,就放下绳子。)

焦土政策 Scorched- Earth plan

教务处 dean's office

侥幸球 fluke  

教学法 pedagogy; teaching method  

教研室 teaching and research division  

交钥匙工程 turn-key project  

浇一瓢冷水 throw cold water ondampen the enthusiasm of

教育部社政司 Social Science Research and Ideological Work Department of the Ministry of Education  

教育乱收费 unauthorized collection of fees by educational institutions

教育体制 education bureaucracy (Premier Wen Jiabao on Saturday called for changes in the education bureaucracy, a problem that plagues China's development of education.上周六,温家宝总理提出要进行教育体制改革,教育体制问题是中国教育发展过程中的一个困扰。)

教育质量 quality of education

叫座 a box-office success; draw a large audience

交叉感染 cross transmission; cross-infection

交接仪式 handover ceremony

加强伙伴关系 strengthen partnerships

加强水土保持 reinforce the conservation of water and soil

加速科研成果向生产力的转化 facilitate a faster transition from research to actual production

家庭暴力 domestic violence

家庭装修用品 home improvement products

假文凭 fake diplomas

假帐 accounting fraud  

家长会 parent-teacher conference (Then call my ex-husband and remind him the parent-teacher conference is at Dalton tonight.)

基本生活费 basic allowances

基层民主政治 democracy at the local level  

鸡蛋羹 steamed egg custard

机顶盒 set-top box (STB), set-top unit (A set-top box (STB) or set-top unit (STU) is a device that connects to a television and an external source of signal, turning the signal into content which is then displayed on the television screen.)

机读形式 machine-readable form

结党营私 form cliques for private gain

街道企业 neighborhood enterprise  

借调 temporarily transfer

借读生 transient student

戒毒所 drug rehabilitation center  

阶段性就业 periodic employment

阶段性政策 interim policy

解放生产力 emancipate the productive forces  

解放思想、实事求是的思想路线 ideological line of emancipating the mind and seeking truth from facts  

解放思想、实事求是、与时俱进 Emancipate the mind, Seek truth from the facts, Advance with the times

结构工资制 structural wage system (内蒙古东胜市对村干部实行结构工资制,真正把村干部的工资与工作成绩、村集体经济收入紧紧地联系起来。Dongsheng City in Inner Mongolia carried out the composite wage system, closely connecting pay with village officials'work achievements and the economic revenue of the village's collective economy.)

结构失调 structural imbalance

结汇 settle a foreign exchange account; settlement of exchange deals

结婚誓词 marriage vow (Introducing the marriage vow, the Ministry of Civil Affairs ( MC)A says, is aimed at improving new couples' sense of mutual responsibility and their awareness of the Marriage Law.民政部表示,引入结婚誓词的目的是提升新人的共同责任意识和对《婚姻法》的认识。)

劫机 hijack an airplane

戒急用忍 overcome impetuosity and exercise patience; no haste, be patient  

解决劳动力就业问题 tackle the problem of employment of the labor force

解决贸易争端 settle trade disputes

接口 interface  

解困基金 anti-poverty funds  

揭老底 reveal the inside story; open a buried secret

解铃还须系铃人 It is better for the doer to undo what he has done; Let him who tied the bell on the tiger take it off; Whoever started the trouble should end it.

截击导弹 interceptor; interception missile

截流 dam; the damming of

截留上缴利润 withhold profits that should be turned over to the state

节能 energy-saving

节食 on a diet

结售汇制度 "the system of exchange, settlement and sales "

节水龙头 water-saving taps  

节水农业 water-saving agriculture

街谈巷议 gossip; rumor

阶梯教室 lecture theatre; terrace classroom  

街心花园 park at an intersection; garden in the city center  

节育率 rate of contraception

节奏布鲁斯音乐(RMB音乐) rhythm blues

解除劳动关系 sever labor relation

节能灯 efficient lightbulb

节能降耗减排 to save energy, lower energy consumption and reduce pollutants discharge

节能型轿车 energy-efficient cars

借钱消费 borrow-and-spend

街舞 hip-hop

技工学校 skilled workers training school

积极的财政政策 proactive fiscal policy

鸡精 essence of chicken (Brand's Essence of Chicken is formulated using top quality chicken and is specially formulated for easy absorption and digestion by the human body.)

积木 building block

金本位 gold standard  

金边债券 gilt-edged bond  

金蝉脱壳 escape like a cicada by casting off its skin; stratagem for slinking off  

进出口经营权 import-export operation right; power to engage in import and export trade  

进出口商会 chamber of import and export trade  

进出口总额 total volume of foreign trade

近地卫星 near-earth satellite

金刚经 Vajracchedika-sutra  

进宫 be put in prison; be sent to jail; be taken into custody

紧箍咒 inhibiting magic phrase  

近海地区 offshore area

近海渔业 offshore fishery  

近海钻探 offshore drilling

金鸡奖 Golden Rooster Awards

晋级考试 promotion test-test given to promote candidates on their knowledge of the relevant subjects  

紧急通知 emergency notice

紧急状态 emergency; state of emergency  

金降落伞 golden parachute

进口差价税 import variable duties  

进口附加税 import surcharge  

进口环节税 import linkage tax  

进口渗透 import penetration  

进口税 import duty; import tariff

禁令 ban (Indian toy dealers are running out of stock due to a government ban on Chinese toy imports, local media reported.据当地媒体报道,由于印度政府对中国玩具实施进口禁令,印度进口商和批发商的玩具库存大量减少。)

金领工人 gold-collar worker

紧密型企业集团 tightly-knit groups of enterprises  

金瓶擎签 lot-drawing from a golden urn

紧俏 sell well (commodities)in short supply

紧俏产品 commodities in short supply  

近日点 perihelion

金融重组 financial reorganization

金融电子化 computerize financial services  

金融工具 financial instruments  

金融寡头 financial oligarchy; financial magnate; financial tycoon

金融货币危机 financial and monetary crisis  

金融违规行为 Financial irregularities /improprieties  

金融危机 financial crisis  

金融衍生物 financial derivative

金融中心 financial center

金融自由化 financial liberalization

金融租赁 financial lease  

劲射 power shot  

紧身的衣服 tight-fitting clothes

金税工程 the Golden Tax Project (a national taxation computer network)

近水楼台先得月 "First come, first served; A water-front pavilion gets the moonlight first--the advantage of being in a favored position."  

金丝猴 golden monkey

紧缩银根 tight money policy; monetary restraint

金无足赤,人无完人 Gold can't be pure and man can't be perfect.  

进项税 input tax

进项税信贷 input tax credit

进修班 class for further studies

金玉满堂 Treasures fill the home

禁渔期 closed fishing seasons  

禁渔期 closed fishing seasons; fishing moratorium; fishing ban

金元外交 dollar policy

紧张局势 tense situation;tension

禁止在任何地方、任何环境进行一切方式的释放核能的核武器试验保爆炸 prohibit any nuclear weapon test explosion which releases nuclear energy at any place and in any environment  

紧追 cling to, shadow, thunder on one's trail

(手机键盘上的)“井” 字符 hash sign, number sign

经办人 operator

净产值 net output value; net value of production; net production value  

经常项目顺差 favorable balance of current account, surplus of current account  

经常性贷款 commercial lending  

经常性支出 running expenses  

净成本 pure cost; net cost; flat cost

经过长期不懈的努力 through protracted and unremitting efforts

靖国神社 Yasukuni Shrine

经济刺激方案 economic stimulus bill (US President Obama will sign the $787b economic stimulus bill, which has been passed by the House of Representatives and the Senate, Tuesday in Denver, a White House official has said.美国国会众议院和参议院先后通过总额为7870亿美元的经济刺激计划,据白宫官员称,总统奥巴马将于周二在丹佛签署该法令

经济担保书 financial guarantee

经济的持续高速发展 sustained and rapid development of economy

经济的持续、快速、健康发展 sustained, rapid and sound development of the economy  

经济的社会化、市场化、现代化 socialization, marketization and modernization of the economy  

经济发展模式 economic development model (The annual government work report delivered at the Third Session of the 11th National People's Congress by Premier Wen Jiabao has proposed new strategies and thoughts about promoting urbanization, which will trigger the explosive expansion of domestic demands and help the transformation of economic development models.温家宝总理在十一届全国人大三次会议上做年度政府工作报告时,提出了推进城市化的新战略和新思想,指出城市化将引发国内需求的突破性增长,帮助推进经济发展模式的转变。)

经济繁荣 economic boom

经济房 low-cost housing  

经济封锁 economic blockade

经济复苏 economic resurgence

经济杠杆 economic lever

经济过热 overheated economy; overheated development of the economy

经济和技术合作 ECOTECH cooperation (Economic and technology cooperation)  

经济核算 cost accounting

经济滑坡 economic downturn

经济技术开发区 economic and technological development zone

经济结构调整 economic restructuring

经济结构战略性调整 strategic restructuring of the economy

经济开发区 economic development zone

经济良性循环 a beneficial economic cycle

经济林 cash tree  

经济全球化 economic globalization; economic integration  

经济渗透 economic infiltration

经济师 economic engineer; economic manager; economist  

经济实体 economic entity

经济失调指数 misery index

经济适用房 economically affordable housing

经济特区 special economic zone(SEZ)

竞技体育 competitive sports

经济调整 economic restructure

经济头脑 commercially minded people; people with business sense  

经济危机 economic crisis

经济萧条 economic depression; economic slump; business depression  

经济效益 economic returns;economic efficiency

经济一体化 economic integration

经济责任制 economic responsibility system

经济增长点 growth engine;economic growth point

经济总量 economic aggregate  

精简会议 cut down the number of meetings to make them shorter

精简机构 streamline government organs  

精简、统一、效能的原则 principle of simplified administration, unified action and higher efficiency

经济承包制 management contract system  

警戒水位 warning level; danger level

京剧票友 Peking Opera fan  

京剧人物脸谱 types of facial make-up in Beijing opera  

敬老院 home for the aged; seniors' home

精品 competitive products  

景气产业 thriving business;thriving industries;thriving economy

精神食粮 nourishment for the mind; intellectual food

精神文明建设 promote cultural and ideological progress; develop socialist culture and ethics  

精神文明 cultural and ideological progress

精神支柱 spiritual pillar

景泰蓝 cloisonné  

境外就业 be employed abroad

境外投资 outbound investment (The Chinese government will continue encouraging outbound investment while attracting foreign investment in 2010 for "stable and relatively fast" growth of the country's economy, a government official has said.一位政府官员说,为了保证国家经济“稳定和相对快速”的发展,2010年中国政府会继续鼓励境外投资,同时吸引外来投资。)

境外消费(服务贸易) consumption abroad  

竞选辩论 election debate

竞选委员会 election committee;election board

竞选运动 election campaign

敬业精神 professional dedication; professional ethics  

经营费用 running expense

经营管理高度科学化的现代化大企业 modern big enterprise with highly scientific management system  

经营管理不善 mismanagement; poor management; poor operation and management  

经营权与所有权分离 separation of the right of management from the right of ownership  

经营责任制 management system

精英治国论 theory of elite administration

竞争机制 competitive mechanism

竞争上岗 take up a job through competition  

竞争优势 competitive edge; advantage in competition

精子库 sperm bank

经典线路 classic travel route

精简开支 cut down the outlay; retrench expenses;retrenchment in expenditure

经济法制化 manage economic affairs according to law; to put economic operation on a legal basis

经济立法 economic legislature

经济社会协调发展 coordinated development of the economy and society

经济型轿车 economy car

经贸摩擦 economic and trade frictions

仅供参考 for your information, for your reference (fyi)

景气下降 business setback

精神抖擞 in good spirits

境外投资协调机制 the mechanisms for coordinating overseas investment  

经营范围 scope of business

紧急避孕药 emergency contraception; morning-after pill

静脉注射吸毒 intravenous drug abuse( or addict)

金球制 golden goal

今日特别推介 today's special offer

金融监管 financial regulation

金融监管责任制 the responsibility system for financial supervision

集体企业 collectively-owned enterprise

就地考察 on-the-spot inspection

就地取材 obtain materials from local sources; draw on local resources

纠风办 State Council Office for Rectifying  

救济金 relief fund

九届全国人大四次会议 the Fourth Session of the Ninth National People's Congress  

九年义务教育 nine-year compulsory education

酒肉朋友 fair-weather friend

九五攻关 State Key Task 95  

就业保险 employment insurance

就业服务 employment service

就业高峰年 peak year for college graduates entering the job market.  

就业机会 job opening; job opportunity

就业前培训  pre-job training; pre-service training

就业压力 employment pressure

救援人员 rescue workers

救灾扶贫 provide disaster relief and help the poor

纠正随意改变基本农田用途的现象 rectify unauthorized changes in the use of primary farmland

酒后驾车 DUI (drive under the influence (of alcohol)), OUI (operating under the influence)

酒泉卫星发射中心 Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre

救死扶伤 heal the wounded and rescue the dying

九五折 a five percent discount; a 95 percent charge

救灾物资 disaster relief materials (Around 4:00 pm Wendesday, China's air force dropped 5 tons of disaster relief materials, including mineral water, milk, instant noodles, into Mianzhu City in quake-stricken Sichuan. 1416时许,空军一架大型运输机首次为四川绵竹灾区空投了救灾物资,包括矿泉水、牛奶、方便面。)

(政府)救助 bailout (US stocks suffered Monday after the House of Representatives shocked investors by voting to reject the Bush administration's $700b bailout plan.美国众议院29日出乎意料地投票否决了美国政府7000亿美元的救市方案。此结果令市场极度失望。)

酒醉驾车 drunk driving

集约型经济模式 intensive mode of economic growth

记者证 press card (After Beijing police detained 8 people who posed as journalists blackmailing interviewees and selling fake press cards, China is planning a nationwide renewal of press cards, Nong Tao, an official from the General Administration of Press and Publication said Wednesday. The new press cards, which will be issued in February 2009, will carry more anti-fake markings on them.继北京警方打掉1个出售假记者证、勒索封口费的8人假记者团伙后,国家新闻出版总署官员农涛10日表示,计划于20092月在全国范围内换发新版记者证,届时新版记者证将带有更多防伪标识。)

举办城市 host city

举报监督电话 hotline for public report and supervision  

举报信箱 complaint mailbox

举报中心 informant center

举杯 propose a toast  

局部模特 body parts model (Ashly Covington is the kind of top model earning 1,200 dollars in a day. As one of the few full-timebody parts models, Covington doesn't cook, doesn't clean and avoids anything that could ruin her manicure.阿什利•卡温顿就是一位高级“局部模特”,她每日进账达1200美元。作为少数的全职局部模特之一,卡温顿不下厨,不打扫卫生,不做任何可能会损毁指甲的事情。)

局部战争 local war

聚赌 group gambling; gamble in a group

鞠躬尽瘁,死而后已 bend one's back to the task until one's dying day; give one's all till one's heart stops beating  

聚集效益 aggregation effect

居家度假 staycation (Staycations have achieved high popularity amid the financial crisis of 2007–2009 in which unemployment and gas prices rose.居家度假的形式在2007-2009年经济危机期间失业率和油价不断攀升的情况下大受欢迎。)

居家隔离 home quarantine (Close contacts could observe home quarantine, and the range of close contacts was narrowed down, according to a notice on adjusting A(H1N1) flu prevention and control measures issued by the ministry Wednesday.根据(卫生)部周三下发的关于甲型H1N1流感防控策略调整的通知,(甲型H1N1流感的)密切接触者可以实施居家隔离,而且密切接触者的范围也将缩小。)

居留权 right of abode;right of residence

居民委员会 residential committee; neighborhood committee; residents's committee  

举手表决 vote by show of hands

巨无霸 giant;extra large

具有中国特色 with Chinese characteristics  

局域网 local area network (LAN)  

拒载 refuse to take passengers  

举债经营 operation with borrowed capital

居住用地 residential land ("Residential land supply will increase and low-income housing projects will top local governments' agendas," Yun said during a video-conference on Monday.贠小苏(国土资源部副部长)周一在视频会议上表示:“居住用地的供应量会有所增加,低收入家庭住房工程将成为地方政府议事日程的重中之重。”)

捐资办学 denote money for school

决策机构 decision-making organ;policy-making body

决战时刻 zero hour

绝对贫困 absolute poverty

居家养老 home-based care for the aged

居民身份证 resident identification card

居民住房建设 residential construction

军备集结 arms build-up

军备竞赛 arms race

竣工仪式 completion ceremony  

军国主义 militarism

均衡规律 law of proportionality

军火走私 gun-running; arms smuggling

军民共建精神文明活动 joint army-civilian efforts to promote socialist ethics and culture in their respective units

军嫂 soldier's wife

军事对峙 military confrontation

军事分界线 military demarcation line

军事过硬 militarily competent

军事扩张 military expansion (China has no plan formilitary expansion as its development of national defense is for its own security, a Navy testing base commander of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) said last Friday.中国人民解放军海军测试基地司令员上周五表示,中国没有军事扩张的计划,发展国防是出于本国安全考虑。)

军事援助 military aid

军属 soldier's dependant; armyman's family

军训 military training(intended for high school annd college students

军用飞机 warplane, military aircraft  

君子之交淡如水 the friendship between gentlemen is as pure as crystal; a hedge between keeps friendship green  

均衡、普惠、共赢 balanced development, shared benefits and win-win progress

军事法院 military court